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By January 28, 2007monkeys, sites to see

My friend Shelly provides me with a constant stream of clever ideas and sweet things to look at. Her latest passalong is a fabulous idea for teaching kids to wash their hands: SquidSoap.

When you push down on the dispenser, you get a little ink mark on your hand. Then you wash your hands until the ink mark disappears.

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So brilliant it makes you slap your forehead and say Doh!
Just make sure you’ve washed that ink spot off your hand first.

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  • rebecca says:

    That is a great idea. There is another soap that plays a tune when you press the pump and the kids are supposed to wash until the music stops. 🙂

  • Irene says:

    brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

  • Design Mom says:

    True genius is beautiful.

  • Susan says:

    yea! I’m running out to buy this right now (seriously); you know, because it is SO important that kids wash their hands very well before EVERY meal or they might get GERMS and if your kid gets sick it means you’re a BAD mommy, and any mommy who DOESN’T make sure her kids’ hands are washed is clearly simply LAZY and uncaring (santimommioulsy).

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts, Laurie.

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