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slr sloop

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Loving this new camera bag from Photojojo. It’s almost as perfect as they come except it doesn’t have room for a laptop, darnit. That’s my number one need — camera + laptop in one. For to take on trips when I need both + lenses. That isn’t so large it tips me over backward. But if I were just buying a new camera bag, this is definitely the one I’d buy. Get it here.

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diy lens cap saver

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Got an empty shampoo bottle and some free time? Why not make yourself this fantastic lens cap holder for your camera! New-to-me inventor Benvelo has provided templates and step-by-step instructions for you to DIY. It’s a little on the complicated side, but with super cool results. Heck. You can even make it cute. Find the complete project here. (Thanks Wired Gadgets, via

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So I loved seeing the photos of all the cool CES gadgets flying around the internets all week. But this one made my jaw drop. Then I jumped out of my chair. New Polaroid cameras! That will work with Polaroid instant film! Have you heard of The Impossible Project? If not, go to that link and read. And be sure to click through the pictures and read the captions. It’s an amazing story about how Polaroid Instant Film is being resurrected. The film is supposed to be available in February. I assume the cameras will be ready to go then too?…

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