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Graphic Design 201

By design, teaching, typographyOne Comment

I’ve been teaching design classes for my friends over at Alt Channel for about a year now. They’re one of my very favorite things, and, if you haven’t already, I hope you get to participate in one someday. For those of you who took my Graphic Design for Bloggers 201 class, here are some resources for you. Color: Smashing Magazine’s incredibly detailed and thorough series on Color Theory — Color Theory for Designers, Part 1: The Meaning of Color Color Theory For Designers, Part 2: Understanding Concepts And Terminology Color Theory for Designer, Part 3: Creating Your Own Color Palettes…

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color career counselor

By color, thought provoking13 Comments

Found this amazing¬†quiz over at How About Orange today.¬†It is utter witchcraft, I tell you. You pick the colors you like (and don’t like), and it tells you what career you should have. And it works! So much so that it completely picked up on my inner Aries/Taurus chaos by suggesting that I am first a Creator and second an Organizer. (Hello Right Brain? Meet Left Brain. Now be friends.) What should you be when you grow up? Take the test and let me know! PS. It doesn’t appear to like Safari, but Firefox worked great. (Thanks Jessica!)

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500 colored pencils

By color, design, happy, tools and resourcesOne Comment

Oh wow. 500 colored pencils. Delivered to you, in groups of 25, over the course of 20 months. And bonus — they all have gorgeously evocative names, like “Drizzly Afternoon,” and “Tea with Milk,” and “Lemon Ghost.” Lemon Ghost, people. Don’t you just want to lick that? Oh, and double bonus, they also have display cases that turn your collection into an art installation in its own right: Brought to you by the fine folks at Social Designer. See the whole set here. (Thanks Liquid Treat.)

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color of the year!

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Pantone has announced its color of the year — time to redecorate! I’ve seen their annual color forecasts before, but I can’t remember seeing a single color of the year before. It’s a great gimmick (as in, “Oh man, I totally need to update my Pantone swatchbooks”). I do think its funny that Pantone, which began as a way to achieve color consistency across printing presses, chooses a fabric swatch as color of the year. Also, this made me laugh:

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