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Music Philosophy

By design, music, typography4 Comments

Clever, meaningful and stunning. This is exactly the kind of site I like to find when taking a work break at 1:00am. A weekly typographic interpretation of philosophical song lyrics. Perfectly sized for iPhone wallpapers, or you can buy one from the Etsy shop. What philosophical song lyric would you like to see on a poster? Click for bigger

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iphone cassette case

By caught my eye, cleverNo Comments

Brilliant. Now you can turn your iphone into a mix tape. It even comes with its own plastic case (that doubles as a stand) so you can even make a snazzy magazine collage tape cover! Suddenly, you’re no longer listening to Broken Bells and Phoenix, but instead, Nirvana, with The Pixies on the flip side, natch. And wouldn’t this be a perfect desk-mate for your mix tape USB hub? You could be starting a retro-volution! Buy yours here. From Art at Heart. Thanks Adam.

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the magic ipad

By clever, istuffNo Comments

How fun is this?! I wish I knew what he was saying, but I sorta like the unexpected aspect of not knowing what’s coming next. Do you have an iPad yet? I don’t, but I can’t lie — I’m seriously coveting one. I’m waiting for my 3 year-old MacBook to kick the bucket, though. The delete key doesn’t work — but in true Apple product form, nothing else is wrong with it. Dangit. I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through videos like this til I get my own. Have you found any other cool ones? Please share!

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happy 5 swissmiss!

By design, happyNo Comments

The fantastic-beyond-compare¬†SwissMiss blog is turning 5 and I’m so sad that I can’t attend the bash. So instead I’m participating virtually, via the Flickr party. There’s some great stuff there — be sure to check out all the other well-wishers’ wishes.

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newton’s ipad

By advertising, history, video2 Comments

This is awesome. And just one of the oh-so-many reasons I have always loved Apple and always will. Watch the two videos one after the other. Don’t you especially love the assertion at the end of the Newton spot that “if there’s anything this world could use, it is more communication.” Hoo boy! (Thanks SMCLT)

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bright boudoir

By caught my eye, color3 Comments

Love love these new bathroom supplies from Target. They look like candy. I think my day would kick off quite happy if my bathroom were filled with these, don’t you? (You can try Target online, but I couldn’t find them there. Might just have to go to the store. Darn.)

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ben rubin music

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Super excited to show you a new site we just launched. It’s for Ben Rubin, a bass player from Brooklyn who also happens to be my cousin. (But let’s don’t hold that against him — it’s totally not his fault.). We custom-designed the site and built it on top of the Backstage theme from the consistently first-class¬†WooThemes. I’m really happy with the grungy yet trippy background with a little rainbowishness thrown in for a touch of happy. Seems perfect for a musician — especially a chilled-out, affable bass player. See the whole site, listen to some fine tunes, watch some…

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