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Toot Toot Chugga Chugga

By August 30, 2006November 11th, 2016monkeys, video

So, as you can see from the very end of that little video, Zoe and Lucy were freakin thrilled at the Wiggles show last Friday. I swear, I don’t think Zoe stopped dancing the entire show. And the show? It was amazing. Way more better than I would ever have imagined, even after watching countless hours of Wiggles back when the girls were 2. In fact, that made the show even better for me.

You see, I’ve got this thing. Whenever I see someone perform live, especially when they’re somone I know very well in their recorded persona (be it music, movie, tv, what have you), the first few minutes that I see them on stage are, for me, viewed through tears. Everyone. When Yo La Tengo first walks out on stage at the Cat’s Cradle? Tears. Wilco at Bonnaroo? Misty eyes. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick singing Springtime for Hitler? An oh-so-subtle wiping of the eyes and pressing my feet to the floor. And yes gentle readers. The Wiggles too. There they were, those precious Australian men who love kids (and have entertained mine for many an hour), driving out on stage in their Big Red Car, Zoe and Lucy bouncing out of their chairs, my mom clapping and bouncing right along with them. Really, it was all just very thrilling, thank you very much. I recommend their show to anyone who is so inclined. And if you aren’t, well, I’d even go so far as to say, heck — give it a try. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here, swooning and crying while they sing about Fruit Salad and their Big Red Car.

Every day since the show, when we ask Zoe and Lucy what they want to do today, they say, “I’ve gotta idea! Let’s go back to where the Wiggles are!” You gotta figure, they can watch shows over and over on tv, why wouldn’t they ask to see the live show again? We’ve tried to explain that the Wiggles had to go back to Australia and they aren’t in Charlotte anymore, but that is a little complicated.

Especially since they are still trying to figure out how the Wiggles jumped out of the tv to come to Charlotte in the first place.

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