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By July 20, 2007thoughts

That Bob.

He’s run off to play with Larry this weekend at Burning Man, southern style. It’s called Transformus (not Burnin’ Mayan, for those who were wondering) and instead of a hot dry Nevada playa, it takes place in the lush NC Blue Ridge mountains. With lakes. And trees.

Tonight, wondering what they were up to, I took a look at the schedule of events and found these items:

Friday Evening
Shortly after dark, for about an hour – “Scream & Stab” at TikiTorchure.

Saturday Afternoon
Cape Sphere will be hosting the Human Carcass Wash. Become part of this human powered washing machine as you wet, soap, scrub, and rinse your fellow Mysterians, only to then become the person getting washed. All personal boundaries are respected in this clean fun event. Look and smell your best for the burn night. No donation needed for the body wash. A shampooing station will be available, with water donation. No cameras and 18+ only.


Many years ago, at our buddy Zach‘s Black & White Costume birthday party, Bob and I made and wore (carried) masks of ourselves. See here:

They were way fun. And as the night stretched out long and thin, as they tended to do back in that “before” state, things started happening with the masks. Things like this:

And this:

So when Bob and I were talking a couple of weeks ago about Transformus and what sort of costumey/gifty thing(s) Bob was going to bring, we landed on the idea of those masks. I thought it would be funny if Bob made a bunch of Bob masks and handed them out so there would be lots of Bobs running around Mysteria (that’s the name of the “city” created by Transformus. Akin to Burning Man’s Black Rock City). But Bob took it a step further and made lots of masks of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Imagine, if you will, dozens of lovely Justice Scalias washing and being washed at the Human Carcass Wash tomorrow.

I just loves me some Bob.

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