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Vote Against!

By May 7, 2012save the world

If you are in North Carolina and you haven’t voted yet, please PLEASE go vote tomorrow. And please consider voting AGAINST Amendment One — a referendum so offensive to me that I am stunned that we have to even entertain this nonsense.

The idea that my home state — the place I was born and where I have spent the majority of my life — believes it acceptable for us to consider adding discrimination to our Constitution is such a disappointment. I feel as if North Carolina has been cast back into the worst part of our past: The part where hate was an acceptable value to teach our children; and the part where love was something to guard and reserve rather than something to spread equally, wildly, and comprehensively.

I have always been grateful to have grown up in a largely post-discrimination era. One where we had already learned the hard lessons and were working hard to right our past wrongs; one where my high school and college can have a woman head of school; one where my city and my country can have a black leader; one where all my friends are allowed to marry and have children; one where “bigot” is an insult.

And yet now here we are. It’s 2012. This year North Carolina will host the Democratic National Convention. And at the same time, North Carolina may also show the world that we believe in prejudice.

Don’t try to convince me no-one is watching. Everyone is watching. And I’m afraid we’re about to make fools of ourselves.

Please let’s don’t. Go vote. And when you do, VOTE AGAINST.

Thanks for listening.

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  • Jim Mitchem says:

    Well said. You have more hope than me, though. It’s a southern thing, this.

  • Laurie says:

    Thanks Jim. If I don’t have hope, I don’t have anything. I’ll deal with reality starting tonight.

  • I am hoping to be surprised with the outcome.
    Some of the stained glass supporters of this Amendment are looking through has really distorted what they claim to be representing in our community. I thought we wanted less govt?

    Please let love win.

  • Laurie says:

    Jeremiah – exactly. That’s what I got all riled up about this morning: the LESS government part. Wouldn’t it be dreamy if everyone just sought SMART government?

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