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By January 14, 2010announcing, design

My friend Aimee Greeblemonkey told me today was National Delurking Day. This means that you — the person reading but not commenting on my many, witty, interesting posts — need to let me know you’re out there and say hi.

And since Aimee went to all the trouble to create that creepy flasher guy graphic above, I think it’s the least you could do to honor her (and Rude Cactus) and participate, right?

The thing is, although I love writing and finding cool things to share with you even if you just look and read and move on, it sure helps, once in a while, to know you’re out there. Plus, it helps me when I write to be able to picture the person reading. So I find myself “talking” to specific people when I write certain posts.

So do it! Delurk! Let me know you’re there. And maybe I’ll write my next post specifically to YOU! Lucky dog.

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