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etsy + coolmompicks valentines

By February 2, 2010November 12th, 2016design, make something

Cool Mom Picks Etsy Valentines

So CoolMomPicks and Etsy had a baby! Actually, it was a Valentine design contest. Did you participate? I hope you won!

The winners are now available for purchase — in plenty of time for VDay (or Friendship Day as we call it at my kids’ Montessori school). 12 black-and-white line art designs in PDF form that you can download, print and color with your kids.

They’re adorable. And I love the different styles that arise from crowdsourced art. Go get them here.

Meanwhile, we’re cooking up a project of our own in UpsideUp land. I’ll share with you soon.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

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