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Friday Morning Videos – 10 Second Films

By June 1, 2007November 11th, 2016video

Ten Second Films is a digital video competition in which all sumbissions must be exactly 10 seconds long. They received 1000 submissions (that’s 10,000 seconds total — a little under 3 hours = 1 regular film!), narrowed it down to 200 finalists, then chose 3 winners.

The competition reminds me of Hemingway’s reputed 6-word short story (which he is said to have called his best work):

For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.

Like that evocative story, a good 10 second film must rely on creating a mood to imply the rest of the story. The 3 winning videos do just that — tell a story. Many of the others employ montages or sped-up film or abstraction. But I like the stories the best. Of the three winning videos, I think “The 7th Distraction” does the best job of distilling a longer story into the 10 second format. But they’re all lovely. As are many of the others.

Here’s the link again: Ten Second Films.

Happy weekend.

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