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Friday Morning Videos – Mom my Ride

By May 10, 2007November 11th, 2016video

I meant to post this one a few months ago but other videos kept jumping in line. And as it turns out, the timing is good: Welcome to FMV – The Mother’s Day edition!

Yesterday I was driving my 9-yr-old Subaru Outback which, I’m proud to share, we just flipped to 100,000 miles. Back when we moved from NYC to NC, the Outback was my first ever new car, and this is my first ever time flipping an odometer. Needless to say, the car is nicely broken in. Kinda like my old LL Bean Bluchers whose sole was held on by duct tape. Anyway, a shiny taut silver BMW totally cut me off yesterday, and the driver and I had a half-second to make eye contact which he used to explain to me that I was overreacting and he had the right to turn left in front of me while I turned right because there were two lanes — perfect for two cars — and anyway, look at what you’re driving and look at what I’m driving and who would listen to you anyway?

He didn’t actually say all that, but I got the gist when he waved his arm and mouthed “two lanes.”

I’m not usually intimidated by other people’s cars, but this car absolutely fit this driver. It was like his ego had snatched the keys and taken it out for a spin. I was lucky enough to get to follow him a few miles down the road, so I got to watch as he weaved in and out of traffic as though he was the lead dancer on a full stage — everyone else on the stage was just there to provide things for him to dance around and thus show the world his majestic and refined technique. And there I was in my hand-me-down leotard and my hand-me-down shoes trying to tell him that he was dancing in my space. The nerve.

I’m not sure what my point is. I guess it’s that we still love our ole Subaru, pushover that it is. But it’s definitely lookin a little like the car in this video.

Happy Friday everyone.
And Happy Mother’s Day all you hot mamas.

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