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Friday Morning Videos – One + One = Infinity

By May 4, 2007November 11th, 2016video

My mom once met a woman who had 12 yr old twin boys. She told my mom that when her sons got into making mischief it was so much more mischievous because it was two brains working together to come up with things to do. And two brains could cook up far crazier schemes than one brain alone.

At the time, Zoe and Lucy were only around 2, and while the terribly twos were keeping us busy, it was all still within the realm of baby brains and, therefore, handleable (for the most part). This woman’s story seemed almost charming — like, “how cute will it be when Zoe and Lucy work together to come up with crazy things to do! Ha ha!”

Then after dinner the other night, this happened:

And it is charming — and very cute.
But I can accept that it is just the tip of the ole iceberg. And I have buckled my seatbelt accordingly.

(If the video doesn’t appear for you, click here.)

+ + +

In other news, have any of you had strep throat as an adult? When I was a kid (all the way through college, pretty much), every time I got sick, it turned into strep. So you’d think I would have at least some idea what it felt like? But this week I had strep throat and let me tell you, it was way worse than I remembered it being. It felt like I was swallowing serrated razor blades that had been dipped in gasoline and sand. I do not joke. Heed my advice fellow adults: stay away from kids with strep — it is pure badness.

Happy Friday everyone!

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