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My kind of town

By July 25, 2007July 29th, 2007kirtsy

Lucky me — I’m heading to Chicago on Thursday. All by myself. Once there, I get to hang out with about a million beautiful ladies who are all savvy, clever, creative and nice. Aren’t you jealous? I know you are — heck, I’m jealous. It’s BlogHer time and I’m excited.

Plus, the whole shebang is going to be kicked off with an officially unofficial party at the rooftop bar at the W hotel. And sk*rt is sponsoring awesome door prizes and amazing giveaways. You can read all about it at the sk*rt blog.

Then, after we get back, sk*rt becomes officially official and we’ll have more giveaways just for you. So stay tuned!

Also, in order to get my super secret BlogHer decoder ring, I’m supposed to tell you about myself in 10 seconds. Here goes:

I’m good at starting a ton of projects and taking them to almost completion but then struggling to actually finish them. Case in point: right this minute, at 1:00am the night before I leave for Chicago, I’m sitting on the couch watching Top Chef, although I’m only partially packed and gathered. This is the story of my life. I’m reading Harry Potter on the plane tomorrow. I’m so nervous about meeting 800 people I’ve never met. I’m excited about meeting 800 people I’ve never met!


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