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Black Eyed Peas

Lucky Number 13

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  Ladies and Gentlemen. The future. It’s coming! Once again, we’re in the lucky position of being able to make a fresh start with a brand spankin’ new year. 365 whole days to do it all right this time. Clean slate. Tabula Rasa. Square One. Woo! And how do we celebrate? That’s right, friends — say it with me — with Collard Greens! And what kind of friend would I be if I left you hangin without a great recipe for Collards? No kind of friend. So here it is: The best collards recipe ever. Seriously — people who swear…

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This Year Goes to Eleven

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It’s a wrap, y’all. Adios 2010, hello 2011. Here in UpsideUp land, we’re usually getting ready for our annual New Year’s bash, but this year we’ve got the plague and are looking instead at ringing this one in with a string of movies. One thing’s for sure, though, we will still be making collards and black eyed peas. I’m even looking forward to seeing how the recipe works for 4 people as opposed to ┬áthe 180 I usually cook for! And as my annual gift to you, the awesome people who live in my computer, I bring you once again…

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