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Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes with Avocado Buttercream Frosting

By food6 Comments

I had to include the entire name in my post title up there because I cannot get it out of my head. And I’m not even much of a sweets person. Which is probably why I’m so excited about these — because I am very much of an avocado person. And also a chartreuse person. And also a cupcakes with not too much icing on them person. Also I love the word Buttercream. It’s on my desert island list of words. As if all that weren’t enough for me to tell you about these intriguing cupcakes, get this: the idea…

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2010 ftw!

By food, happy4 Comments

Well here we are. The O’s or the Aughts or the Two Thousands or whatever we’re calling them are a wrap and will soon have an identity like the grunge 90s or the new wave 80s or the disco 70s. Here in UpsideUp land, we’re gearing up for our annual New Year’s Day bash — an all-day affair filled with friends, family and food. And lots of it. It’s a thrilling way to ring in each new year and it gives me an opportunity to marvel at how lucky I am to be surrounded by such awesome people. As my…

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