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Branding the Presidents

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Here’s a cool personal project from designer Meg Jannot — a Tumblr called Branding the Presidents. She’s designing each of the 44 presidents over the course of 44 days. A great exercise for any designer, and especially great for this breathless, rough-and-tumble election year. Nice work Meg! I especially love how different they all are. Here are a few highlights. Click here to see the whole set on Tumblr. Which ones are your favorites? Thanks Ilina!

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Branding 10,000 Lakes

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(click for bigger) Minnesota’s nickname, The Land of 10,000 Lakes, is no exaggeration: there are actually 11,842 lakes in the state. In fact, the name Minnesota comes from a Dakota word for “sky-tinted water.” So you can imagine what sort of undertaking it might be to create a logo for each and every lake in Minnesota. Yet Nicole Meyer is doing just that. And to showcase her work, she has launched Branding 10,000 Lakes. It looks like she’s done about 80 so far. And they’re all gorgeous, ranging from conceptual (like King Lake, above), to vintage (like Gull Lake, below), to just plain nice typography….

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Some Recent LEAP Work

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I can’t believe I forgot to show you this work we just did. For two amazing Catherines and two amazing websites. First up: Closet of Style. Catherine Horgan came to us in desperate need of a new logo and a new website. What a treat it is to work with a client as stylish and savvy as Catherine — we loved the challenge of creating for her. For the logo, Catherine wanted something clever, colorful, and sophisticated. The mark we came up with makes a ligature out of the C and the S. They’re conjoined in a way that suggests…

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Logorama by H5 is an short animated film about a world made entirely of logos and trademarks. The Pringles man drives a truck, the green and red dots in the Stop & Shop logo are actually stop lights, and Microsoft butterflies flutter across the screen. The plot sounds like an LA shoot-em-up (between the Michelin man and Ronald MacDonald), and from a visual standpoint, I can’t wait to see it. Check out the trailer here. Information about the film here. (Thanks Design Observer)

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