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Apparently I don’t like politics

By December 12, 2006November 12th, 2016photos, sites to see

Like Better

Which is actually kinda true. I mean, I’m not opposed to government in and of itself, but the process by which we arrive at government? Not for me. Too much senseless arguing and too many “oh if only” statements and not enough actual power for the people. But I digress.

Wanna know who told me I don’t like politics? A website. And not just any website. Not one of those silly personality quizzes, no no. This is a website with pictures. Of cats and tractors. And Fred Flintstone. And uh trees and stuff. You click on pictures and then there’s this brain at the bottom. And when the brain turns pink and starts glowing, they tell you things about yourself. And lemme be the [probably not] first to tell you — it’s pretty darn accurate. They know I like spicy food, they know I watch more tv than I would like to, they know I’m sorta a know-it-all, and they even know that I stay up way past my bedtime just to tell you about godknowswhat.

Here, see for yourself. It’s called likebetter because they wanna know which you like better: this man with the tigers sleeping at his feet or these pretty fireworks.

What are some things you like?

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