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By March 20, 2006March 23rd, 2006monkeys

Happy Spring! y’all.

Not only is it Spring! (my favorite season — not an original comment) but it is also a big day in history:

  • 1852 – Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin is published.
  • 1916 – Albert Einstein publishes his theory of relativity.
  • 1928 – Mr. Rogers is born
  • 1969 – John Lennon and Yoko Ono get married.
  • 2003 – In the early hours of the morning, the United States and three other countries begin military operations in Iraq.

And last but not least. In fact, most important of all, if you ask me (and isn’t that why you’re all reading — to hear what I think is most important?): Mira and Skyler were born 5 years ago today. Happy birthday to our patron saints. Our fashion consultants. Our spiritual guides. Our developmental benchmarkers. And our best friends. We wish you cake-covered faces, wind in your hair, play-doh in your fingers and hugs that make you stop breathing for a second.


Now (a couple of months ago, actually, but you get the idea).

We love y’all.

Now. The rest of y’all. Go outside and breathe yourself some new Spring! air.

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  • Betsy says:

    Ack, it’s about 25 degrees out right now. I envy your spring. We’re grateful for crocus flowers at this point, giving hope that daffodills will soon follow, etc. Love your dizzy-flowery photo.

  • Laurie says:

    Awww Beast. I’m so sorry. You belong down here sugar. That dizzy flowery photo is the weeping cherry tree that I planted in the backyard last year. It’s so precious. The cherry trees are blooming all over town this week. Their iridescent whiteness is so shocking. Come down now and take it all in. Azaleas coming up next.

  • Sarah says:

    You making it five whole years gives me hope!

  • Laurie says:

    Boy — Would that I were the one doling out the hope. Unfortunately, we’ve only made it 3 1/2 years. My close friend Shelly, however, has made it 5 years with her girls Mira & Skyler. And I can TOTALLY see how it looks like I’m wishing happy birthday to my own girls. Sigh. Someday.

    I’m not yet used to my readership being made up of people I don’t (yet) know personally, so I don’t always include all relevant details. That Mira and Skyler aren’t mine is pretty relevant. Most of my “known friends” already know them because they give us all their hand-me-downs, and their mom, Shelly, has fabulous taste so I’m constantly getting complimented on the clothes. “From Mira and Skyler of course” I always respond.

    Someday, however, I do hope to give you hope, Sarah. It is one of my new goals in life.

  • shellyf says:

    to quote “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse”
    ( a fine, fine book should you be looking for kid’s reading)

    wow. just about all i can say is wow.
    very honored to have the girls shown off in such a glowing light.

    i can say with true mom-to-mom honesty that with 2 days under my belt, 5 year olds are a joy. however 4.75 year olds left a lot to be desired….the point here being that peace, harmony and consistent joy are moving targets. if i were to throw a life-line to any of you who have kids younger than 5, it would be along the lines of don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember that much of it all is small stuff. This has been a hard lesson for a detail-oriented person, but twins and kids in general will do this to you….some days, ripped new pants, scissor-trimmed shirts and broken new toys simply have to make you laugh.

  • Tertia says:

    what G&D kids you have!

  • Twinmama says:

    I’m with Sarah! It goes by so fast, but some days not nearly fast enough 😛

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