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File under: Things I can’t imagine thinking of, even once I’ve seen them

By June 28, 2006sites to see

You know how sometimes someone sends you a link to something on the internets and you look at it and think, “Man. If I wasn’t spending all my time reading blogs, I could have thought of that!” That happens to me a lot. Like cohesive bubble wrap (it sticks to itself — like Saran Wrap with bubbles!). Holy crap, that’s a good idea.

Anyhoo, the link I’m about to give you does not qualify as something I could have thought of. Here you will find a three-dimensional “summary” of the plot of the movie Fight Club. Rendered in Legos. Time flows from left to right. Movement up or down indicates character movement. Height indicates intensity.

If I had put my Thinking Cap on one day, gotten into my Thinking Car and started driving, and not stopped for an entire week, I still wouldn’t even have even noticed the on-ramp of this idea. Frankly, I don’t understand it one bit. I can’t imagine what this guy and his bare feet were “thinking” when they undertook this project. And I don’t think any amount of looking at it will help clarify anything for me. But still. It’s compelling. Especially as a project someone must have worked on for an entire night, and well into the morning — the kind of morning where you don’t even notice it’s morning until you look up and notice the shear of light forcing itself around the edge of the window shade, so you open it and your eyes are gouged out by the burning glow in contrast to the cave that is your apartment. Not that I know anything about that kind of night. I’m just sayin the Lego thing is interesting is all.

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