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Fourteen years later and my heart still goes pitter pat

By May 14, 2006thoughts

We’re watching the West Wing series finale tonight. Jed Bartlet, the President, duh, has just finished writing a letter to Matt Santos, the President-Elect. He tosses the envelope on the desk, raps his knuckles on the desk, and leaves the desk, and the Oval Office, for what is evidently the last time. Cut to commercial.

Bob turns to me and says, “When I’m President, I’m going to leave a Whoopie Cushion in the chair.”

Many emotional, drum filled scenes later, President Santos is standing at his new desk reading the letter Bartlet left him. He smiles, looks around the room and sits down.

Thhhhhbbbttttttt!” explodes Bob. “See. It would have been perfect. He didn’t even look in the chair.”

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