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Friday Morning Videos – The Breakfast Club

By March 29, 2007November 11th, 2016video

Okay, this is a crazy one y’all. I know you probably don’t have time this morning to watch this, but I just stumbled upon the entire movie of The Breakfast Club. The whole thing. All 1:37:07 of it.

So later, when you take your lunch break. Or when you kid goes to take a nap. Or when you’re tired of working on that thing you’ve been working on all day. You can watch it here at Upside Up.

I was hoping to provide you with some choice quotes to get you revved up, but the thing is, I would really need to quote the entire freakin movie (which I think maybe I could do — just recite the whole movie to you from start to finish). This was, at the time and for a long time after that, my absolute favorite. movie. period. I think I saw it 10 times in the movie theater. And I scored the movie poster from the theater after it was gone. (A total coup in the days before and etc.) Of all the brat pack movies, this was the ultimate — the best written, the most honest, the least contrived and the most original. And when I watch it now I can’t help but feel grateful that John Hughes made this documentary of my high school years. Just like Brian writes in his essay at the end, I was absolutely an amalgam of all the parts: a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. And seeing us all represented here, well it just warms my heart with with a hug of recognition.

Oh. And also. I was completely and utterly in love with Judd Nelson thanks to this role. I liked him in St. Elmo’s Fire too, but Breakfast Club was like yumm. And then he vanished! Until Suddenly Susan. Although by then I was married to my own yummy man.

But I digress.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am so very pleased with the internets to be able to present to you, uncut and uninterrupted, The Breakfast Club. And if you want to skip directly to the ruckus-to-weed scene, it’s at 52:55. And the dance scene is at 1:26:11.


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  • Betsy says:

    Hey, thanks for posting! I never saw it and never understood the concept because my high school just had princesses whose rich fathers DID get them off the hook every time. I just watched the first five minutes but had to turn it off because I found the “jerk” character to be too annoying. If I were in the room I would have tattled on him so that he would be moved to isolation. I like the geeky guy, though. He’s cute 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    Unbelievable!! I’m in high school again!!!

    (Um, actually I’m at work and I can’t watch the movie or I’ll totally get fired but HEY it’s cool that you found it and I can watch it later on your blog!!!)

  • Susan says:

    I think the amalgamation theory is why I like Desperate Housewives.

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