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Friday Morning Videos – What’s on Tony Soprano’s mind?

By March 2, 2007November 11th, 2016video

Friday Morning Videos

The Sopranos returns in April for its final run of 8 episodes all leading up to the series finale.

Even though the show ultimately veered away from its original premise of “Baby-boomer-dad-with-typical-everyman-insecurities-meets-mafia-boss,” and toward the more typical “See-what-the-mafia-is-really-all-about” style, I’ve always loved it. Crisp writing, engaging characters, gripping stories, and plenty of cussing, my favorite vice.

Here’s a send-up of the preview for the final half of the season. A glimpse inside the mind of Tony Soprano, replete with the cultural icons of your average Baby-Boomer’s life (or, for that matter, any Gen-Xer’s).

(And here’s a link to the real preview, for comparison’s sake.)

Note: It’ll open in a pop-up window, so if you have pop-ups disabled, it won’t work. You can either enable HBO pop-ups, or click your way to the Sopranos videos and watch the one called “Reflections”, or watch it here on YouTube. Or, y’know, skip it.

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