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In which Zoe and Lucy explore Venus and Mars

By April 29, 2006monkeys

Bob’s new mission in life is to teach Zoe and Lucy how to make their beds in the morning. Today the girls decided they didn’t have enough stuffed animals to sleep with, because, really, who doesn’t get a little lonely in the wee hours when you only have 3 animals in your bed? So each bed received two more animals, carefully chosen and named and tucked in tight.

Then they helped Bob make our bed. Noting the absence of animals altogether, they gave each of us two nighttime friends of our own.

Here’s what they chose for me:

Here’s what they gave Bob:

Bob and I both decided not to read too much into it.

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  • Erin MJ says:

    Lol! I literally laughed out loud when I scrolled down and saw Bob’s , ah, animals. That is completely wonderful. Your kids gain more coolness points with me every time I read about them. 😀

  • Sarah says:

    Which is more disturbing. Why don’t you get anything with a facial feature?

    Poor Bob. Maybe it is just because he is a boy.

  • Laurie says:

    yes. its like, which set is creepier? the wild thing/ugly doll set or the faceless pastel chenille set?

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