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Internets, you’ve got to carry that weight

By April 3, 2006sites to see

Compared to your average 19 year old, I realize I’m a little slow on the uptake with this one. But I just now saw it, and I know you’ll be able to sleep tonight with my having addressed it here at the UpsideUp.

First, I guess, came this. Then came this.

Personally, I think they’re both pretty amazing, but YouTube users seem to want a winner declared. The fact that a battle is being waged at all is, well, ridiculous and amazing, all at once. It’s Ridiculazing.

People? This free time you have? Where does it come from?

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  • Erin MJ says:

    I hadn’t heard of this either… so what does that make me? 😉

    I’m not inclined to nitpick either of them, since every time I have tried I have consistently failed to juggle one ball.

    But you’re right, people find time to argue about the strangest things. 😀

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