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By August 30, 2006sites to see

I’ve been meaning to write to you about this for a long time. But my bloggy brain has been a little backlogged the past few months, what with the turning upside down of my life and all. Now that we’re on our way to righting ourselves, I can’t wait any longer on this.

MOSE is a new online comic that (full disclosure here) my brilliantly creative renaissance man of a cousin has created. And I’m telling you today, Go Read It.

But please understand that my telling you to go read it has nothing to do with nepotism. (Well, maybe it has a little bit to do with nepotism. I mean, he is my cousin, and I did grow up wishing he was my older brother who was nice to me (does that exist?), and I do think he’s a brilliantly creative renaissance man, but still… trust me on this one.) This cartoon is funny. And real. And funny real. It’ll make you laugh. And cry. It talks about kids and farting and mid-life crises. Kids bounce off walls and Christo wraps people up. Could you be looking for more in a comic strip? No, I tell you. The answer is no.

So, go. Today. Now.


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