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the rules of a gentleman

By March 11, 2010November 12th, 2016clever, design, sites to see, thought provoking

Speaking as a lady (by genetics if not by behavior), I have to admit that I honestly appreciate a kind show of Gentlemanliness. Not that I need men to fall all over themselves fawning over me, but a door opened, nonchalantly but purposefully? Truly lovely.

So when I stumbled today upon The Rules of a Gentleman, I was instantly charmed. One tip per day. So minimal. So well-designed with classic, old newspaper typography and styles. And so well written, straightforward, with a funny aside for each one. Enchanting. Please share with all the Gentlemen you know.

And for what it’s worth, I totally fail at the particular instruction above. Back when I started wearing a watch in earnest, in 9th grade, I had a cast on my left arm. So I put the watch (a Swatch of course) on my right wrist and have worn it there ever since. And on top of that, the watch is inverted, so the face is on my inner arm rather than my outer. What a mess.

(Found at Minimal Exhibit)

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  • Average Jane says:

    When I wear a watch, it’s always on the right because I’m left-handed and it just seems…wrong on the left.

  • Mr Lady says:

    I wear my watch the same way; right arm, facing in. ALWAYS.

    I never said I was a gentleman.

  • UpsideUp says:

    AJ + ML – I too wear my watch on my right arm, facing in! Even though I’m a rightie. Back when I first started wearing a watch, in the 9th grade, I had a cast on my left arm. So I put the watch on my right arm and the rest is history.

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