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The first in a long line of August celebrations

By August 16, 2007August 20th, 2007love thursday

Is that not the most sweet-looking, handsome, sixtysomething man you’ve ever seen?

I agree.

And I’m not just saying that because he’s my dad and today is his birthday.

No. I would tell you that any time of any day of the year. This man, my father, is the sweetest man I have ever known.

And kind.
And funny.
And handsome.
And smart? Shoo-wee is he smart.
And helpful.
And loving.
And huggy.
And kissy.
And the passer-on of the red hair.
And the checker-upper on the oil changing of our ole Subaru.
And the make-surer the kids are inside on Code Orange ozone days.
And the official airport picker-upper of the whole family.
And the best directions-giver in the whole state of NC.
And the reporter of all things good heard on NPR.
And the cutter-outer of all newspaper clippings relevant to anything happening in my life.

And the best father a girl could imagine even knowing, much less have the privilege of growing up under the loving care of.

Happy Birthday Dad.
I love you love you love you.

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