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Things that make me happy, pt 1

By February 22, 2007sites to see

In an attempt to dig myself out of this funk I’ve been in the past couple of weeks, I’ve decided to spend a few days looking at/for things that make me happy.

And since the Upside Up is cheaper than therapy, I’m going to post my progress (and share the fruits of my labor) here. Enjoy!


(or, in Italian, Manimali), by Guido Daniele.

Hands. Turned into animals. Breathtaking.

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  • Mary says:

    Those are truly beautiful, how can they stand to wash their hands.

  • Irene says:

    oh I know my kids would totally LOOOOVE this. and yes, how can they wash their hands after that?

  • Susan says:

    Oh my God, I’ve seen these! I think there was an article in one of my kids’ magazines, like Ranger Rick or something. They had instructions for one you could try at home; yeah, right. Anyway, aren’t they amazing?

    btw, did you get my message about the Edward Gorey ballet being made in Asheville by Terpsicorps?

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