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Those things, you know, the ones that happen to all kids, have started happening to my kids

By March 20, 2006July 23rd, 2006monkeys

Today it was Zoe. Tape in her hair. A big long piece of tape seemingly inextricably woven into the side of her head. Bob escorted her over suggesting that “Mama will fix it.” Sigh. I looked at it. The fine strands of her red hair like cross-hatching on the white tape (I’m a graphic designer — our masking tape is white). I could feel it in my own hair. I flash back to gum, glue, countless necklaces (ugh, add-a-beads). I have no idea how to get the tape out other than to cut it, which will, of course, leave a big hair gap on the side of her head.

Oh. But wait. I’ve got graphic design tools at my disposal. I head into my office (which is now about 1/3 office, 1/3 playroom, 1/3 storage room for haphazardly arranged crap) and find my rubber cement thinner. It’s in an orange oil-can type dispenser. I feel like the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz giving the tin man his glucosamine injections. And, it works, if leaving Zoe a little stinkier. Crisis averted.

About a month ago, it was Lucy:

 Zoe no bangs

Lucy’s on the left, Zoe on the right. Notice the difference?
No — Lucy doesn’t have a cowlick. Nor did I slip while giving them haircuts.
(And, btw, Yes. I know they are sweeter than cane syrup.)

Lucy says she was trying to get her hair out of her eyes. I’d call it a success, no?

The funny thing is, people notice the difference but often can’t figure out what it is. It has caused many a proud moment among spectators: “You know — after being around Lucy and Zoe so much, I’m starting to be able to see how different they look from one another.”

Well duh. One has normal hair, the other looks like Laura from High Fidelity.

And that’s what’s happening here.

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  • Erin MJ says:

    Hi there! I just discovered your blog tonight, and I have thouroughly enjoyed reading back through some of your archives. I’ll definitely be back. 😉

    I am a redhead myself, and my mom will attest that I was quite the stubborn child. 😀 (I am in highschool now, and still stubborn, but in slightly less confrontational ways. ;)) Also, Lucy may be a kindred spirit, because I definitely did the whole ‘cutting my own hair’ thing when I was little. Mom has asked me many times what I was thinking… I still don’t remember exactly, but I do have a vague recollection of hiding under Mom’s desk with scissors in hand and just snipping zig-zaggedly across the ends of my hair. Maybe I was trying to imitate my aunt… she was a professional hairdresser.

    Anyway, enough about me! I just wanted to say I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work. 😉

  • Sasha says:

    OH MY GOD that’s hilarious!!! I love this post. It’s my favorite. I love them. I’ve saved this photo to my desktop. 🙂

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