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To dive. To swim.

By July 12, 2007thoughts

We’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool lately. So much so that you’d think we were, y’know, kids growing up in the summer. Or, er, parents of kids growing up in the summer. The main difference being that we don’t drop them off at the pool and leave them there all day to play tennis, swim and go to the canteen with their friends. Instead, we all go together. But once we’re there, we may as well not be there. They find their friends, or they find other 4-5-6 year olds, and they’re off playing with them. Diving for brightly colored sunken rings, screaming down the 2-story waterslide, and jumping off the diving board. They even know about cannonballs — but they make very little splashes.

Here’s Lucy — casual, but determined (check out her fists!):

And here’s Zoe, inventor of things that don’t exist that she tells us about as though they do exist, doing a so-called “T” dive:

Life here is good.

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