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Another reason I married the right person

By January 3, 2007November 12th, 2016funny ha ha, monkeys, overheard

The Scene: Dinnertime chez UpsideUp

Zoe: “Mama? Did you marry Uncle Mike?”

Me: “No sweetie. Uncle Mike is my brother.”

Lucy: “That’s right. Mama married Papa.”

Me: “Right.”

Bob: “And she made the right choice.”

Me: “Except Uncle Mike has a nicer car than Papa.”

Zoe: “Yeah. But Uncle Mike doesn’t look where he’s going.”

+ + +

I hate to tie sandbags to the spontaneity of that exchange, but I feel it important and relevant to disclose that Uncle Mike has not ever been in an accident that he caused. We have no idea what Zoe is talking about.

Also. Car illo from Veer

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