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Hyperbole, as spoken by 5 yr olds

By January 19, 2008November 12th, 2016funny ha ha, monkeys, overheard


Zoe: “Mama. In school yesterday we watched a movie about Philippe Petit.

Me: “Who is Philippe Petit?”

Zoe: “He walked on a tightrope between two big buildings. Did you know him when you lived in New York?”

Me: “Sadly, no.”

Lucy: “Did you know The Snowy Day won a gold medal for best drawing? Really. It did. It’s on the book. A gold medal. It’s called the Cawldercat.”

Me: “Yes. I love that book. It’s been one of my favorites since I was a little kid.”


Zoe: “Philippe Petit won a Cawldercat Medal too.”

+ + + + +


Zoe and Lucy have emptied their piggy banks and are very busy counting the coins.

Lucy: “Wow! I’ve got a billion coins!!!”

Zoe: “Awwwwww. I’ve only got 68.”

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  • ruth Cohen says:

    I can’t stop laughing! Thanks for sharing. Thank goodness you have such a good memory.
    Love to all.

    Aunt Ruth

  • Hi, I found ya through Bossy’s map (which I am not on, yet). Anyway, we’re in Charlotte also… so I thought I would hi to a neighbor blogger!

  • debbie says:

    So I loved this piece in part because it helped me understand a conversation I had with Samantha the other day.

    She came home and announced, “You know mom, there was a man who walked all the way between two buildings. It was in New York and it was on a rope. He walked the whole way across in the sky. Those buildings aren’t there anymore. Did you know that.”

    Me: That sounds interesting hon. Did you learn about that man in school?

    Sam: Yes. His name was Philliiiiip (pronounced f’liiip), I think. And those buildings are gone. Did you ever see them?

    Me: Yes, honey. They were there when I lived in New York and they fell down just before we moved here.

    Sam: They didn’t fall down, Mommy. Some planes crashed into them and broke them. But they are still printed in the clouds I think.

    Me: I think so too, honey.

    Then I was literally without more words on the subject.

  • Susan says:

    I was going to say that my five year old will announce, “I have FIFTY pieces of money!”

    But then I read Debbie’s comment and it took my breath away.

  • Susan says:

    We own Mordicai Gerstein’s beautiful book, The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. The last 2 pages read: Now the towers are gone. But in memory, as if imprinted on the sky, the towers are still there. and part of that memory is the joyful mouring, august 7, 1974, when Philippe Petit walked between them in the air.

    The book did indeed win the Caldecott Medal, and it will bring tears to your eyes, as much for Philippe’s feat, as for all the memories the towers now hold.

    Oddly, I dreamt of them last last night. Unfortunately, it was a nightmare in which my son fell, so of course I woke up in a sweat.

  • motherbumper says:

    I wanna be a kid again. I’m sure it will pass next time I walk into the beer store.

  • Tate says:

    Oh my goodness…. they have to be the funniest (now) 7 year olds alive.

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