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I’m ok, you’re ok

By April 11, 2007sites to see, thoughts

So, remember all that uncertainty and doubt I told you about here? I guess I’m still kinda in the throes of it all. But apparently, at least according to my horoscopes for this month, things are looking up.

Before you read, it’s relevant to know that, while I consider myself a Taurus, I’m also very much an Aries. You see, I’m on the cusp of the two signs. I started being born more-or-less in Aries, but 36 hours later (my poor sweet mom) I was born in Taurus. Thus the high-energy, strong-willed patience. And the strong will, did I mention the strong will?

So germane has this been to my life that I have a tattoo on my ankle to celebrate the dichotomy that is my jumbled soul. See:

I designed it myself when I was 22. It’s a combination of the ram’s horns that are the symbol of Aries and the bull head that is Taurus.

But if you look at it sideways, it looks like it says “OK.”

That was unintentional, but I like it.

Anyway, back to the horoscopes. Usually I read Taurus first and then I read Aries, just to flesh out the story. Ever since we moved to Charlotte, my horoscopes have been eerily accurate. And not just to me. When I show them, without comment, to Bob or to my mom, they usually say something about someone tapping our phones or maybe being stationed in an unmarked van down the street. Almost every time in the past 9 months that I have stopped to read my horoscope, there has been something uncanny in it.

These particular horoscopes are validating and kind, and full of compliments, which is a clever way to get me to identify with them, of course. But they’re more than that. These horoscopes throw me a rope. I’ve felt adrift for the past month or so, and in my gut, it feels like it should all be resolving itself right about now. I’m getting tired of hearing myself complain. Tired of feeling overwhelmed. Tired of feeling rudderless. And then whammo! Here are these two horoscopes promising not only relief (from the “behind-the-scenes-disruptions” that “haven’t been my imagination”), but also validating my feelings of imbalance. And really, isn’t that what we’re all looking for — validation?

Taurus (April 20 –May 21st)
No – it hasn’t been your imagination – the astrological energies have been kinda tough on you… even bringing matters of your career, home life, and heck, even your relationships to an “either this changes or I’m leaving!” showdown. Well, good news: Life will be calming down and easing up… a little. Venus traveling through your sign will make you wonderfully magnetic, appealing and even savvier at negotiating matters to get your way through April 11th. Then she helps strengthen your favorite Taurus subjects of security and finances through the end of the month and even allures some valuable relationships into your court as well. All in all your social life will be perked up in April with some amazing dynamics with friends and generous folks who want to help you to reach your goals. Be cautious, however, during the wild energies of April 27th – April 29th, as someone might exit your life as quickly as they entered it. If they were that shaky, you didn’t want them anyway, sweet Taurus.

Aries (March 21st-April 19th)
Despite having to deal with some annoying insecurities and/or behind-the-scenes-disruptions April can end up being a pretty great month for you. What makes it great? Movement! Between April 11th-27th Mercury ignites the good decisions, excellent communications, and fun trips that inspire your favorite feeling: The Thrill of Beginning Something New – possibly with someone new. You might be especially empowered April 16, 17,and 20 as your ideas catch fire and lead to strong, expansive success. Go for it! What to do about those pesky fears or unexpected issues popping up? Treat them like you do everything else: as a challenge to become even more of a hero. But don’t be afraid to plan on good stuff happening in 2007 – you’ve (finally!) got plenty of forward motion coming!

So keep your fingers crossed that everything above actually happens. I have a couple of good projects on my plate right now that could benefit from some “strong, expansive success” and “ideas catch[ing] fire.” Bring it baby.

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  • Here here! To ideas and success!

  • Susan says:

    I’m an Aries with a Taurus rising! So I can relate. Over the past year I’ve noticed my horoscopes have been increadibly accurate, except for the last month or so, interestingly, adding to the feeling of being a bit adrift. So I’m up for some strong expansive success too! We’ll have to compare notes again in a little while.

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