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Sing out strong

By March 2, 2006November 12th, 2016funny ha ha, monkeys, overheard

We’re driving in the car, headed to the park since it’s EIGHTY DEGREES here today. They Might Be Giants is on the radio but Zoe starts singing the nursery rhyme Old King Cole out loud, ignoring the music that’s already playing.

When she finishes Lucy says “Wow Zoe. How do you know that song?” (It isn’t one of the songs we sing together.)

“I know it because I’m a big girl,” Zoe responds confidently. “I make poops on the potty and I can sing Old King Cole. And I don’t need any help for neither. Do you wanna hear me sing it again?”

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  • steph says:

    Beautiful! I like the song choice. Dont you mean “Old King Tole,” though?

    ps the web sites are fun, but I love to get the stories. More and longer, please!

  • Laurie says:

    Actually, if we’re being precise, it would be “Old Ting Tole.”

    And thanks steph — I’m working on a few different longer pieces right now. Hoping to have some up in the next few days. You’re my best ass-kicker fan!

  • Sarah says:

    Does this work the other way too? If I teach The Goon Squad to sing “Old King Cole” do you think they will poop in the potty?

  • Laurie says:

    Sarah — absolutely. Something about the pipe and the bowl, no doubt…

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