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The Shopkeeper

By February 13, 2006November 12th, 2016funny ha ha, monkeys, overheard

(Pre-note: Zoe and Lucy are 3 years old. As such, there are many words in their lexicon that aren’t found in your standard dictionay. One of them, “Mopa,” is a food they might prepare for you in their kitchen. Sometimes they make you Chocolate Soup, sometimes they make you Mopa. You take what you can get.)


Scene: Lucy and Zoe have turned the bathtub (no water — not bathtime) into a popsicle and lollipop store. Bob, as he is wont to do, keeps going in and asking for things that wouldn’t be sold at a popsicle and lollipop store.

Bob: Hi… do you have any mopa?

Lucy: No. We need to buy some.

Bob: Can you tell me where I can get some?

Lucy: At the mopa store.

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