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Z is for Zoe and

By December 2, 2005December 22nd, 2005monkeys

We recently received a hand-me-down fleece that I love — it’s very bright and stripey — but it may already be too small for Zoe and Lucy. I’ve been trying to get Zoe to try it on for weeks — just try it on — so I can pass it on if necessary. But she refuses every time, no matter what kind of mood she’s in when I ask.

Finally tonight I got her to try it on. (Basically it did fit, but the sleeves were a bit short.)

“What do you think Zoe?” I ask.

“It’s too small. We need to give it to Baby Tess.”

“You don’t like stripes very much, do you?” I ask her.

“Nope. I only like stripes on Zebras.”

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