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Zoe tells it like it is, part 3

By October 7, 2007November 12th, 2016funny ha ha, monkeys, overheard

(Third installment in an apparent series.)

Lucy has just cut herself with her scissors. Bactine and Band-Aids have been applied. The tears have stopped. What remains is Lucy’s desire to hear stories about times that Bob and I have cut ourselves with scissors.

I tell her about the time I cut my thumb with an x-acto knife. I tell her about the time I cut my hand with a butcher knife while slicing a bagel.

Zoe tells her about the time she cut her own-own hand in her own-own town when she was chopping cucumbers with her own-own mom.*

Lucy sums up. “So all the girls have cut themselves. But not the boys.”

Zoe turns to Bob. “Daddy? Have you ever cut yourself with a knife?”

Bob: “More times than I can count.” (Which is true, bless his perforated heart.)

Lucy: “Like a billion times?”

Bob: “No. More like twenty.”

Zoe: (Rolling her eyes.) “Daddddy. You can count to twenty.”

Bob: ?

Me: “You said you had cut yourself more times than you can count.”

+ + +

* Zoe and Lucy’s pretend world — their “own-own” whatever is their pretend (and improved) version of that thing. They each have an own-own mom and dad (who are far more permissive than we are), and an own-own house, which has all the toys they could imagine, etc.

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