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letterpress list

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swissmiss has compiled a fantastic list of letterpress studios for you to check out when you need some letterpress done. I would also add to the list the super sharp and talented Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day. She not only prints stuff, but she also teaches letterpress classes. I love these cards of Jordan’s.

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rip I.D.

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Just heard the sad news that I.D. Magazine, the country’s oldest product design magazine, is headed to the [rapidly filling up] magazine graveyard. Happily, the Annual Design Review will continue — online — even expanding to include a catalog of past winners. So there’s some consolation amidst the disappointment. I think I’ll go thumb through some old back issues today. Thanks magCulture for the heads up.

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adventures in art direction

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So real it makes me wonder if they listen in on conversations at our studio. Or, probably your studio too. (Can’t see the video? Watch it here.) ——- Also, the whole site, called Xtranormal, is super cool. You can make your own videos using their scenes, characters, voices, camera angles, actions and more. I made a goofy 30 sec movie to try it out. But please consider yourself warned: it’s extremely goofy. (Also find it here.)

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vintage raisin bran

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Just saw this vintage raisin bran packaging at Harris Teeter yesterday. Can’t find anything about it on the Post’s website except this journey down memory lane. Have you heard anything? Hopefully there will be more. Grape Nuts? Shredded Wheat? Yes please!

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custom sigg bottles

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We love our Sigg bottles. Not only do they help save the world by reducing plastic bottle waste, but they look cool too, thanks to the great designs and cool metal bottles. But if you’re still left wanting more better design, look no further. Sigg has apparently partnered with Café Press to enable you to customize your own Sigg bottle. You can upload images, type in your own text and then see the bottle in a variety of action shots. Awesome. Customize your Sigg bottle here.

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teux deux

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The fantastic and inspiring Swissmiss has gone and created something great: the perfect to-do application, called TeuxDeux. I tried it out yesterday and I’m already sold. Like Swissmiss, I have tried pretty much everything out there and always come back to a notepad on my desk. But this is super smart while still being super simple. And it’s easy to figure out. And it’s browser-based, which means I can access it from work or laptop. And it looks good! Thank you Swissmiss! As if I needed more reasons to love and admire you. And a big thank you also to Fictive Kin…

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