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Toot Toot Chugga Chugga

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So, as you can see from the very end of that little video, Zoe and Lucy were freakin thrilled at the Wiggles show last Friday. I swear, I don’t think Zoe stopped dancing the entire show. And the show? It was amazing. Way more better than I would ever have imagined, even after watching countless hours of Wiggles back when the girls were 2. In fact, that made the show even better for me. You see, I’ve got this thing. Whenever I see someone perform live, especially when they’re somone I know very well in their recorded persona (be it…

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By way of explanation

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If any of you are wondering why I don’t get more done on any given day, I’d like to offer up this video as Exhibit A: What I’m Up Against. (Also, feel free to note that I may soon begin to drive you nuts with my newfound YouTube prowess.)

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