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Love Thursday: 4 Girls

By February 22, 2007November 12th, 2016love thursday, monkeys, photos

My niece Tess turned 2 last Saturday and had a fairy birthday party. All the kids had wings, tutus, wands and flowery headbands, and my sister-in-law Brooke beautifully and tastefully decorated the house to lovely ethereal effect. Needless to say, the kids (all girls except for one boy, for whom Brooke, made a little elf costume!) had a blast and loved all the fairy play.

This photo is of the aftermath: Brooke reading on the couch with Lucy, Tess and Zoe, who would have sat there, all pink and cuddly and rapt, for 5 hours had Brooke been willing. The scene was heartwarming to the extent that I almost couldn’t photograph it for fear of tainting the unstaged preciousness.

But I got over that.

Happy Love Thursday everyone — hope you have someone cute to cuddle with today!

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