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Gah. Life! For anyone still here, kickin around these empty halls, hello! I’ve missed you, even though I’ve been too tangled in the weeds outside my comfort zone to let you know. But I’m here now. And I’ve got some stories for you. Some of which I’ll tell you right now. Once upon a time, I worked in an office. I worked in two offices, actually. One at a time. A long time ago. That was when we lived in New York and I worked for other, lovely, people, surrounded by other lovely people, and I had a lot of…

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Bienvenue a la neige!

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Remember the sand angels from a week ago? Ha ha, laugh no more! Today, the girls built their first ever snowman snow princess! Pay no attention to all the grass you see underfoot. I promise there was snow there (almost 2 inches they say!) an hour before this picture was taken, before it started raining. So please, in your mind, pretend we just laid out an astroturf mat to help the girls acclimate to this strange foreign substance. While we were getting them dressed (because 4-yr-olds headed out to play in the first snow of the year do not dress…

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Alive and Kicking it

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So. Hi everyone. Um, how’s it going? Some weather we’ve been having, eh? Heh heh.Yeah. Well, uh, as you may have noticed, I’ve been a little off the radar while we’re trying to put our life back together in the aftermath of our house sale, house purchase and move to a new town that all took place in a 4 week period. I know there are crazier lives than mine. I know I’m a notoriously stressed-out mover. And I know that I have a tendency to whine about things that feel to me as though they might cause my head…

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Stretched to the limit

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So we’re at t-minus one week and counting. Our house closes on July 12 and we close on the new house in Charlotte on July 13. We’ve packed a lot and there’s still much to pack. I can’t find one of the library books we still have checked out. I missed the girls’ dentist appt on Monday because I thought the card read 7/30 (which is a Sunday) and not 7/03. I need to schedule the turn-off for all our utilities here and the turn-on for the utes there. I need to change our phone numbers. I need to get…

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By moving, thoughts

In honor of the soon-to-be state of our life, namely, surrounded by boxes, I am pleased to present a new banner for the UpsideUp. Enjoy. Now, turn off your computer and go do something useful.

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By monkeys, moving

At 12:45 today, I had just finished making lunch for Zoe and Lucy when we got a call from the scheduling service that someone wanted to see our house, today, from 2:00-3:00. I was conflicted about this since (a) we’re already under contract and anything else at this point is insurance, or, gravy, and (b) Zoe seemed tired at the park this morning and I really wanted the girls to be able to take a nap today if they wanted to. Anyway, I told the people they could come from 2:30-3:30 instead, and figured we’d just put the girls to…

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The corner of Thomas and School

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So we made an offer. Then they counter offered. Then we counter offered their counter offer. Then they counter offered our counter offer of their counter offer saying “this is the price it needs to be for us.” Then we counter offered their counter offer of our counter offer of their counter offer saying, “this is the price it needs to be for us.” Then. They came back to us with the number we really wanted all along. (O the love we have for our clever clever realtor.) As of today we will be under contract.

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Things to say “Hooray” about

By movingOne Comment

1. We accepted the offer on our house and we’re under contract! Thanks everyone for those powerful “Sell Your Freakin House Quick!” vibes. You’re so strong! 2. We’ve made an offer on a house in Charlotte. They’ve counter offered. We’ve counter offered their counter offer. More later as events warrant and as I can sort out all those counters and offers. 3. My site meter has just crawled to over 1000 hits in about 2 1/2 months. Thanks y’all! Once we’re settled in a new house, I hope to be more writer-y and less update-y. Or at least to give…

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