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mom 2.0: defining a movement

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(Can’t see the video? Try this link.) The brilliant and beautiful Katherine Center has done it again. This time in the form of a video addressing the statement Mom 2.0: Defining a Movement. I can’t wait to see Katherine in Houston next month at the Mom 2.0 Summit. I feel like time spent with her, regardless of what we’re doing, is quality time. Do you know people like that? I’m lucky to. Speaking of Mom 2.0 Summit, have you registered yet? Please do. I promise you won’t regret it.

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By caught my eye, design, video

Logorama by H5 is an short animated film about a world made entirely of logos and trademarks. The Pringles man drives a truck, the green and red dots in the Stop & Shop logo are actually stop lights, and Microsoft butterflies flutter across the screen. The plot sounds like an LA shoot-em-up (between the Michelin man and Ronald MacDonald), and from a visual standpoint, I can’t wait to see it. Check out the trailer here. Information about the film here. (Thanks Design Observer)

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adventures in art direction

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So real it makes me wonder if they listen in on conversations at our studio. Or, probably your studio too. (Can’t see the video? Watch it here.) ——- Also, the whole site, called Xtranormal, is super cool. You can make your own videos using their scenes, characters, voices, camera angles, actions and more. I made a goofy 30 sec movie to try it out. But please consider yourself warned: it’s extremely goofy. (Also find it here.)

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Why I Eyes Ya

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Coming up for air from my self-imposed/inadvertent blogging hiatus to make sure you have seen this video: (Can’t see it? Click here.) In case you’re wondering where my head is these days, it’s a little obsessed with this video. Also, working too much. But that’s nothing new. Also. Zoe and Lucy turned 6 on Tuesday. That’s old. They start first grade on Monday. Yow. Also. 9 years ago today Bob and I had this awesome wedding thing in front of a lake in the NC mountains. I’m feeling grateful today that I get to spend my life with someone so…

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Now it’s on

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Remember how Barack Obama invited me to dinner? And then wanted to be Twitter pals? And then Michelle found out about us? Well now Michelle and I have competition. Lookit: Can’t see the embedded video? Here it is. + + + + + + + Getting excited about Super Tuesday? And Fat Tuesday? Hey, it’s Super Fat Tuesday! We’re celebrating over at sk*rt this week with a new contest: The Super Fat Tuesday Contest. Basically it’s a two-step process: 1. You commemorate Super Tuesday by voting for 10 stories on sk*rt (and in your primary if you’re lucky enough to…

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A Mighty Wind

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Have you seen this ad yet? If not, stop reading right this second and click the big arrow below. Or go see it here, at the Revver website. This 2-minute film is exquisitely conceived, perfectly cast (and acted), and cleverly directed. It’s easily as good as most movies I would have seen in the theater this year (if I had seen more than 3 movies in the theater this year). And, if you’ll pardon me while I step up on this soapbox, it provides hope that, at least somewhere in the world, people are seriously thinking about alternative energy. Or,…

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Oh Lord I want to be in that number

By monkeys, video

This is yet another one of those “twin” things that I am constantly amazed by. Unplanned synchronicity. Lucy is working on her sticker book. Zoe, sitting nearby, is working on her sticker book. One of them starts singing. The other joins in. They continue for like 30 minutes or 42 hours, I’m not sure which. Together. Without looking up once, and with no discussion of any singing game plan. To sing. That’s the unspoken plan. In unison, in succession, loudly, quietly. Whatever — just sing. (Click here to view the movie at Vimeo.)

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Friday Morning Videos – Learning to speak body language

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FMV is back this week after a brief hiatus due to travel. (Exciting travel report coming soon.) Welcome back FMV! In keeping with the theme of late, I’m going to share with you a video I found on sk*rt. What? You haven’t heard about sk*rt yet? Go now. Then come back. We’ll wait. Dum-de-dum-de-dum. {Shuffle shuffle} Well. We don’t really have to wait right? They’re probably playing on sk*rt and won’t be back for a while. They can catch up on today’s video whenever they get back, right? Shall we on with the show? Yes, on with the show. As…

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